Aerial photography

Filming in ultra HD, we provide endless creative possibilities for clients without being limited to helicopter or mast based systems. From corporate property developers and sales portfolios to promotional films, aerial and building survey work, we use ultra-smooth gyroscopic camera gimbals to meet your needs and surpass them on every occasion.

Aerial filming

Fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority with permission to work with UAV’s (drones) up to 120 metres (400 feet) within strict safety guidelines, Dronepilotene can provide stunning aerial footage up to 4K resolution with ultra-smooth 360 degree 3 axis aerial camera systems which can be down-linked to the operator, Director or control room.


With maintenance in mind, we will happily provide you with a birds eye view of what’s happening to your building or structure as the years pass. We are significantly less expensive than long term, mass use of scaffolding, which cannot provide a full picture and may restrict operations on site. With our drones, we can provide annual building inspections and report on any structure.


Professional aerial drone mapping, surveys & inspection services for buildings and structures, waterways, historic sites, industrial facilities, forestry, agriculture, wildlife research & management, land border & boundary disputes, off shore, wind turbine and virtually any application that needs viewing from height or from the sky.